big news at oep…

Ohio Energy Project (OEP), a nonprofit energy education organization, announces the selection of Shauni Nix as Executive Director. “We are pleased to announce this appointment. Shauni will bring her passion and experience to the work of advancing OEP’s vision and mission,” said OEP’s Board President, Dale Arnold. The mission of OEP is to empower students and teachers to be energy educated leaders.

Shauni Nix has over 25 years of experience in energy education in her roles as a teacher, former OEP Director, and most recently as an Education Coordinator.  She has worked diligently in her career to develop strong working relations with OEP staff, partners, teachers and students.

“Helping students develop their leadership skills through the philosophy of ‘Kids Teaching Kids’ is the key to OEP’s successful approach to learning,” Shauni shared.  That philosophy has trickled down to homes and communities as well to the E3 Smart Program, which involves students teaching their families about energy efficiency through the installation of efficiency measures such as LED’s, low flow showerheads and more.  “The E3 Smart Program reaches over 600 teachers and 45,000 families annually, thanks to the support of the major utility companies in the state,” Shauni explained.

Shauni is extremely excited about the position and the opportunity to develop new partnerships to impact Ohio’s students, teachers and families.