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Ohio Energy Project sparks curiosity about energy through engaging activities and support for educators.

OEP’s resources support science curriculum with standards-based lessons and hands-on activities that inspire the next generation of innovators.


Our teacher-designed programs provide all the training, tools, and support teachers need to be successful, whether in the classroom or teaching virtually. Our proven methods bring science to life with interactive learning and real-world applications that dramatically increase student comprehension and engagement.

Ohio Energy Project offers educator professional development & student programs correlated to Ohio’s Learning Standards. 


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OEP will provide supplies directly for you to facilitate energy education lessons with your students. Each activity includes a training video, lesson plan and student worksheets. 


Electricity & Circuits-recommended grades 4-7

Students explore open & closed circuits and insulators & conductors using an Energy Baton.


MacGyver Wind Lift STEM Design Challengerecommended grades-3-6

Students engineer a wind lift using renewable energy. 


Watts Up-recommended grades 7-12

Discuss units of energy while exploring energy efficiency. 

What is Public Power?

What are the benefits of Public Power?