Inspiring students to transform our world.

Ohio Energy Project (OEP) specializes in energy education for all learners. OEP programs are designed with three main educational pillars in mind: literacy, leadership, and sustainability. Browse our offerings below to learn how we transform communities one classroom at a time. 

Careers in Energy

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Helping students to “see themselves in STEM,” Careers goes behind-the-scenes at energy sites across Ohio, connecting students with professionals and illuminating opportunities right here in our backyard.

District Programs

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Building confidence in STEM standards, check out our exciting offerings for teacher professional development centering energy science. All district programs include standards-specific curriculum, lab materials, and training to help catalyze classrooms in energy science.

Energy Efficiency

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Inspiring students to take action in their homes and communities, check out our school-to-home energy efficiency programming, showcasing the science and impact of energy on our everyday lives.

STEM Design Challenge

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Exploring energy through the engineering design process, STEM Design immerses learners in a study of renewable energy all the while tasking them to solve a “problem” with their classmates.