online video resources during cv-19

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Energy Efficiency: Elementary
Elementary Teacher & Student Guidebooks
Lesson 2: Lighting Investigation
Lesson 3: Water Heating Investigation
Lesson 4: Insulation, Heating & Cooling Investigation

Energy Efficiency: Secondary
Secondary Teacher & Student Guidebooks
Lesson 1B: Human Power Investigation
Lesson 2A: Thermal Energy/Insulation Investigation
Lesson 2B: Water Conservation Investigation
Lesson 3B: Electrical Energy Investigation

3rd Grade
Wind: Make Pinwheel at Home Activity
Materials Needed: Pinwheel Template Handout, pencil, thumb tack
Solar: UV Beads
Solar: Solar Toy Activity
10 Sources of Energy: Energy Chants
Story Time: Energy Island

4th Grade
Electricity: Energy Baton Activity
Electricity: LED Circuit Cube Activity
Student Handout (can be used with baton/cube): Insulators & Conductors

5th Grade
Sound: Make a Duck Call at Home Activity
Sound: Make a Harmonica at Home Activity
Sound: Tiny Dancers Activity
Light: Mystery Balloon Pop Activity

7th & 9th Grades
Energy Transformations: Energy Transformations with Toys
Circuits: Dissect a Solar Toy
Electricity: Watts Up