student resources during cv-19

OEP has resources available directly for your students. If you have a school approved method of sending resources home with students, OEP will ship you supplies that can be included with a curriculum packet pick-up or daily lunches.

We ask that before requesting materials, you confirm with your school administration you can send supplies home to students. Please do not request materials if are not able to use them during the extended school closure. Instead, select materials you can use yourself in e-learning on the teacher resource page.

Online Student Supplies Request Form

3rd Grade: UV Solar Beads
UV Solar Bead Handout
UV Solar Bead Student WorksheetComing Soon
Video: Solar Beads Home Experiment
Video: Energy Island Story Time

4th Grade: LED Circuit Cube
LED Circuit Cube Handout
LED Circuit Cube Student Worksheet

Video: LED Circuit Cube Home Experiment-Coming Soon

5th Grade: Rainbow Glasses
Rainbow Glasses HandoutComing Soon
Rainbow Glasses Student Worksheet-Coming Soon
Shipped directly from vendor. Requires one week for delivery.

7th & 9th Grades: Solar Toys
Solar Curriculum and Activities for Teachers & Students
Video: Solar Toy Home Experiment-Coming Soon
Shipped directly from vendor. Requires one week for delivery.

  • Students design an experiment to collect data on various factors that effect movement of a solar toy.
  • Students dissect their solar toy to investigate the transformations of energy and components of a circuit.