teacher resources during cv-19

OEP has resources available directly for Ohio K-12 science teachers. If you have the opportunity to do any video, Zoom or e-learning opportunities for your students but no supplies, OEP can send them directly to you at home. The activities are listed below by grade-level and include lessons, student worksheets, videos and the materials you will receive.

Do you have a request for other materials. We’re open to suggestions. Or have you done a video you would like to share? Let us know!

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3rd Grade: UV Solar Beads & Solar Toys
UV Solar Bead Handout
Solar Energy Student WorksheetComing Soon
Video: Solar Beads Home Experiment
Video: Solar Toys Home Experiment-Coming Soon
Materials: UV Solar Beads, UV flashlight & 2 Solar Toys
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4th Grade: Circuits & Electricity
Energy Baton Handout
Energy Baton Student Worksheet

Video: Energy Baton Home Experiment-Coming Soon
Materials: 2 Energy Batons
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5th Grade: Light & Sound
Light Refraction Teacher Lesson
Video: Mystery Balloon Pop Activity-Coming Soon
Light Reflection Teacher Lesson
Sound Explorations Teacher Lesson
Tiny Dancer Cut Outs
Video: Tiny Dancers Activity-Coming Soon
Sound Explorations Student Worksheet
Sound Applications Teacher Lesson
Sound Sit Spot Student Worksheet
Materials: Black & Clear Balloons, Magnifying Glass, Set of 4 Tuning Forks
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7th/9th Grades
Solar Curriculum (includes energy transformations & circuits)
Video: Design an experiment & dissecting a solar toy-Coming Soon
Materials: 4 solar toys and dissecting tool (mini-screwdriver)
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Energy Efficiency
Watt’s Up Student Leader Script
Video: Watts Up Activity
Materials: Watt Meter
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