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Energy Career Interest Exploration

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Select one of the following options to complete with your students. On your post-program evaluation to receive your stipend, you will be asked how many students completed one of the career interest inventories.

Option #1: Ohio Means Jobs
This is the most extensive search and includes 80 questions to help students identify interests in 16 different “career clusters.” The Career Clusters Inventory takes about 10 minutes. Completing the virtual backpack allows students to save their results and research specific careers in their identified interest clusters.

Option #2: Get Into Energy
This short 10 question survey is specific to identifying interest in traditional careers in the energy industry.

Option #3: Electric Power Job Openings at Ohio Utilities
Students can explore current AEP job postings, learn about alliances with technical schools, and take a sample CAST (construction and skilled trades) test.

Or explore job postings at Ohio’s other electric utilities:

Other Career Inventories:

  • Explore careers in STEM using the Stem-Type inventory (for middle & high school)
  • Take the Shell Careers Quiz to explore opportunities in engineering, geosciences, process technology, instrumentation & electrical technicians, millwrights and welding (for elementary students)