Earth Day 2021

Check out these activities from OEP and celebrate Earth Day 2021.

OEP is sponsoring two Earth Day activities in April. Participating schools have the opportunity to win prizes while protecting our environment. 


Activity #1-Earthrise by Amanda Gorman

Connect science & ELA standards using Amanda Gorman’s poem, Earthrise. Use the student worksheet OEP developed to guide student learning. Submit a video of your students reading Ms. Gorman’s poem or their own original work. Prizes will be randomly selected from all submissions. 



Activity #2 Light Bulb Audit

Students conduct a light bulb audit of their home and calculate lifecycle costs of different types of bulbs. Record and submit data from your class and be eligible for prizes based on potential energy savings. 

Long before wowing the nation as the youngest inaugural poet in 2021, Amanda Gorman was the first National Youth Poet Laureate. Earthrise was performed in 2018 as part of the Climate Reality Project. The student discussion worksheet includes science and ELA questions.


Earthrise Poem (marked with stanzas)

Amanda Gorman Reciting Earthrise Video (4:27 minutes)


Earthrise Student Discussion Questions Word

Earthrise Student Discussion Questions PDF

Earthrise Student Discussion Questions Google Doc

Earthrise Discussion Question Key


Global Oneness Project-Tells the story of the Apollo 8 Mission, the first space mission to see the Earth from deep space and photograph an Earthrise. Includes a documentary with astronauts Jim Lovell, Bill Anders and Frank Borman. The documentary includes footage from the 1968 mission and interviews from 2018 with the astronauts. Video (29:48 minutes) The documentary includes a student discussion guide.


Submit a video of your students reciting Ms. Gorman’s poem or their own original Earth Day poem. 

Make an impact by having students complete a home light bulb audit.

Have you ever thought about how many light bulbs you have in your home? How much energy do they use? Students will count how many light bulbs they have throughout their home and will calculate the energy costs. Results will be calculated per class. Prizes will be awarded to classes in each grade band (elementary, middle, high).


Grades 3-6

Elementary Student Worksheet Word Doc

Elementary Student Worksheet PDF

Elementary Student Worksheet Google Doc 


Grades 7-12

Secondary Student Worksheet Word Doc

Secondary Student Worksheet PDF

Secondary Student Worksheet Google Doc


Teacher Recording Form

Class Datasheet Excel

Class Datasheet Google Doc


Submit your class datasheet to be eligible for prizes. 

Earth Day activites are open through the 2021 school year. Entries received by May 5 will be eligible for prizes.