Energy Workshops

Open to grades 3-6, this year’s Energy Workshops will be a STEM Design Challenge.

Whether you are in-person instruction, teaching your students virtually or a hybrid of the two, your students can participate! This year’s program will be a MacGyver Wind Lift Design Challenge. OEP will provide materials so every student can participate independently and supplies will not need to be shared.

  • Register your class. Registration is open until January 31st. 
  • Supplies are provided for 50 students to complete the project independently. If you have more than 50 students, a second teacher must apply. Limit of two participating teachers per school
  • Supplies will ship from OEP within one week.
  • Complete the Design Challenge.
  • Submit your data on the KidWind portal by April 9, 2020.
  • Upon completion of the project and submitting an online teacher evaluation, you will receive a $25 gift card.

Why is it called a MacGyver Wind Lift? MacGyver is a fictional TV character with an extraordinary knack for unconventional problem solving and an extensive bank of scientific knowledge. He would improvise to solve a problem with whatever items he might have in his pockets. Today it means to make or repair something “in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand.” That is what you will be doing, designing a wind turbine to lift as many pennies as possible using materials from your classroom, home or recycling container.



From the original 1985 show. A remake began airing in 2016.

Participating schools will be required to submit an online participation form and pictures/video of your project. Program timeline is December 2020 through April 2021.