energy workshops

Energy Workshops

Open to 3rd-6th Grade Students and Teachers

These daylong programs offer a variety of hands-on activities about the sources and transformations of energy, energy efficiency, heat, light and sound. Students are challenged to be energy leaders at school and at home.

Easy Online Registration Here

Please be aware there is a maximum number of students depending on the program. Programs below with an “*” allow 50 students per school. All remaining programs are limited to 25 per school. OEP staff will confirm you student numbers in your confirmation.

Programs are from 9:30a-1p. Students need to pack a lunch.

Locations Dates
Portsmouth Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Chillicothe Friday, November 2, 2018CLOSED
Cincinnati Wednesday, November 7, 2018
New Philadelphia* Wednesday, November 14, 2018-CLOSED
Toledo Tuesday, November 27, 2018-CLOSED
Columbus #1* Thursday, November 29, 2018-CLOSED
Dayton #1* Tuesday, February 26, 2019-CLOSED
Dayton #2* Wednesday, February 27, 2019-only 1 spot for 20 students is available
Columbus #2* Tuesday, March 5, 2019-CLOSED
Columbus #3* Wednesday, March 6, 2019-CLOSED