ohio’s learning standards

OEP is excited to offer teachers energy efficiency programs aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards.

e3 Smart/Be E3 Smart Energy Efficiency Program Standards

e3/Be E3 Smart Elementary Standards, Grades 3-6

e3/Be E3 Smart Secondary Standards, Grades 7-12

3rd Grade: 10 Sources of Energy, States of Matter, Light & Heat Professional Development

3rd Grade professional development overview

4th Grade: Electricity, Circuits & Thermal Energy Professional Development

4th Grade professional development standards

5th Grade: Light & Sound Professional Development

Physical Science

  • Light and sound are forms of energy that behave in predictable ways

7th/9th Grade: Electricity Professional Development

7th Grade:

  • Evaluate an electrical circuit in terms of type, voltage, current, resistance and the transfer of energy to other forms.
  • Design, create and compare a series and parallel circuit.
  • Demonstrate an increase or decrease in resistance in a circuit.
  • Create a closed circuit that includes a parallel circuit and resistance and that shows changes in current and voltage.

9th Grade

  • Relate the flow of electrons through conductors and insulators and the concepts of current, voltage and resistance.
  • Distinguish between conductors and insulators.
  • Explain the two models of electric current in terms of charge and direction of flow.
  • Describe how power sources, including batteries, are sources of voltage.
  • Demonstrate how a variety of circuits are constructed as well as measure and compare the potential difference (voltage) and current.