Grades 7 & 9: Electricity

Make a real-world connection to your electricity content standards.

Participate in OEP’s professional development for 7th & 9th grade teachers and you’ll tour a power plant and receive curriculum with a classroom teaching kit. Registration is open to all Ohio Schools. See participation requirements below. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the 7th/9th grade professional development in 2020.Programs are 9:30a-2:30p and include lunch.

  • Tour of an Ohio electricity generating power station, facilitated by plant personnel.
  • Teaching Kit of Equipment worth over $450: Includes 6 sets of Snap Circuit Pro and other equipment to teach electricity in your classroom.
  • Teacher resources: NEED curriculum, OEP lesson plans and student worksheets.
  • Five professional development contact hours.
  • Evaluate an electrical circuit in terms of type, voltage, current, resistance and the transfer of energy to other forms.
  • Design, create and compare a series and parallel circuit.
  • Demonstrate an increase or decrease in resistance in a circuit.
  • Create a closed circuit that includes a parallel circuit and resistance and that shows changes in current and voltage.
  • Relate the flow of electrons through conductors and insulators and the concepts of current, voltage and resistance.
  • Distinguish between conductors and insulators.
  • Explain the two models of electric current in terms of charge and direction of flow.
  • Describe how power sources, including batteries, are sources of voltage.
  • Demonstrate how a variety of circuits are constructed as well as measure and compare the potential difference (voltage) and current.
  • Participation is limited to one time. If you have previously attended this grade-level workshop, you are not eligible to participate a 2nd time.
  • You must have a 2020-21 science teaching assignment for the grade-level you are applying.
  • Limit of two teachers per school may apply. This may change to one teacher per school depending on the number of applicants.
  • Participants will be selected to participate based on your school’s electric utility. Limited space is available to all schools in Ohio.
  • You will be notified by May 15th if you have been selected to participate.


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