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Videos: Penguins & Climate Change

  • What Penguins in Antarctica Might Be Telling Us About Climate Change (9:33 minutes)  Ron Naveen, citizen scientists and founder of Oceanites, and a team of scientists travel to Antarctica to count penguins to see what the penguin population can tell us about climate change. The video discusses the change in sea ice and the decline in the penguin population in some species as well as adaptations others have made to survive. The video talks about drones and satellites used to monitor penguins and additional reasons for the change in population related to climate change.
    Disclaimer: Min 2:53 talks about penguin poop and how this tells scientists what the birds are eating and how the food chain has been disrupted by rising temperatures or overfishing. Min 3:18 Ron says the word “hell” (what the hell they’re eating)
  • Penguin Species in Antarctica hit hard by climate change from CBS this morning (4:52 minutes) The last decade was the hottest on earth with 2019 being the hottest year ever measured raising new concerns about climate change. This video takes you to Antarctica where scientists are studying the chinstrap penguins on elephant island and how climate change has impacted this population of penguins. The video discusses why scientist have chosen to observe and count penguins to learn about climate change and how penguins have adapted to survive. The video explains how climate change can affect not only penguins but other species and people.
  • Antarctica’s disappearing penguins reveal impact of climate change (3:49 minutes) This video travels to Palmer Station, a U.S. research base on the Antarctic coast that has been studying the changes to the environment and wildlife since the 1960’s. The video shows how the Adele penguin population has declined by 85% over the last 43 years. Scientists talks about the disappearance of sea ice, which the penguins use to find food, less sea ice means less food. It also presents a visual to show how glaciers have melted over time.

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