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Energy education is critical for all ages.

We know that energy is universal and is a major part of everyday life. From getting us to work every morning to warming our bedrooms every night, energy enables us to be comfortable, successful, and prepared for whatever life may bring. And while energy is a vital component of our everyday, we also know we face many challenges as our world continues to grow. Challenges like energy accessibility, affordability, and sustainability. In order to address these challenges, it is critical that we educate all generations on the importance of energy and its efficient use.


Ohio Energy Project relies on science-based data and innovative educational design to bring students, teachers, and communities the relevant, informative, and fun energy learning that they crave. From delving into the design of light bulbs to exploring the science of sound, we educate Ohioans on all things energy because we know that transforming tomorrow starts with education today.

Ohio Energy Project

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From energy fundamentals to the efficacy of efficiency, OEP transforms classrooms with hands-on learning and relevant, science-based materials that encourage our next generation to stay curious.


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