Sparking Curiosity About Energy

Empower the next generation of energy innovators to transform tomorrow.

Energy Workshops

Open to grades 3-6, this year's Energy Workshops will be a STEM Challenge with students designing a MacGyver Wind Lift.

Energy Leadership Summit

Summit Teams will participate in Advanced or Mentoring Design Challenges. Open to grades 7-12.

e3 Smart Program

Learn all about the science of energy and its efficient use--where it comes from, how we use it in our daily lives, and what we can do to help both our pocketbook and our planet.

Relevant, informative, fun — that’s energy education from the Ohio Energy Project.

Created by teachers for teachers, OEP has been energizing classrooms with hands-on, interactive learning tools and programs since 1984. We bring the latest in the energy field to teachers and students in a way that makes everyone take notice by working with utilities, the State of Ohio, nonprofit organizations, energy organizations, universities, manufacturers and others.
OEP energy education programs follow Ohio Department of Education requirements, making them the perfect teaching resource. We provide lesson plans, professional development – some with graduate credit – and special events and workshops, all deemed “first class” by Ohio teachers. OEP is the state affiliate of the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED). We partner with NEED to provide Ohio educators with excellent curriculums, resources and programs. The Ohio Energy Project is funded through local grants and partnerships with businesses, governments and foundations.

Our improved focus on STEM education gives students and educators a leg up.

Electrifying Events on the Horizon

As a nonprofit organization, Ohio Energy Project relies on the financial support of generous partners, like you.

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