Sparking Curiosity About Energy

Earth Day Activities

Celebrate Earth Day! Connect science and ELA with Amanda Gorman's climate awareness poem, Earthrise, or conduct a home light bulb audit.

Careers in Energy

Participate in a Virtual Field Trip, attend an energy panel or watch interviews with energy industry professionals.

e3 Smart

Learn all about the science of energy and its efficient use--where it comes from, how we use it in our daily lives, and what we can do to help both our pocketbook and our planet.

Transforming communities one classroom at a time.

Since 1984, Ohio Energy Project (OEP) has been energizing classrooms, inspiring students, and empowering educators with hands-on, real-world learning tools and programs that spark curiosity about energy. Through STEM-based curricula and interactive training, OEP equips our next generation with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take charge of their future and lead their peers, families, and communities in environmental sustainability through energy conservation. 


Electrifying Events

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