e3 Smart

Sparking curiosity about energy in and out of the classroom.

e3 Smart is a science-based, standards-designed study of all things energy–where it comes from, how we use it in our daily lives, and what behaviors/technologies can help us in saving the planet and our pocketbook. Our innovative school-to-home approach connects textbook science and energy concepts with real-world experiences. In the classroom, students learn all about energy science, efficiency principles, and conservation practices through hands-on labs and activities designed to promote teamwork, develop critical thinking, and spark curiosity for a lifetime of learning. Students then put their knowledge to the test at home, teaching their families and communities about the importance of energy and its efficient use. 



Fuel your students’ passion for learning and empower them to be energy stewards at school, at home, and wherever else their journey takes them with e3 Smart!


Why participate?

Ohio Energy Project

Free Curriculum, Materials, and Training!

The e3 Smart curriculum spans everything from energy fundamentals to best at home efficiency practices. As a participant, you’ll receive the training, curriculum, and hands-on materials you need to bring energy science to life in the classroom. And did we mention it’s all free thanks to our generous sponsors?

The Curriculum

e3 Smart is broken down into two grade bands:


Elementary (Grades 3 – 6): Focusing on the fundamentals of energy, this curriculum explores what energy is, why it’s important, and how we use it day to day. 


Secondary (Grades 7 – 12): Focusing on energy impact, this curriculum explores how everyday energy usage contributes to a larger community footprint.


Curriculum is provided both digitally and in hard copy format, with a teacher guide for educators and student guidebooks for each participating student.


The Materials

To ensure the e3 Smart curriculum comes to life in the classroom, OEP provides all of the lab equipment accompanying the lessons at no charge. Think items like digital thermometers, lamp bases, watt meters, light bulbs, and much more! 

The Training

OEP’s interactive training will boost your classroom confidence, enabling you to change the way your students think about, and actually use, energy for a lifetime.  

Ohio Energy Project
Ohio Energy Project

Additional Benefits

  • Free Energy Efficiency Kit–including LED bulbs, efficient showerheads, weatherstripping, and more–for every student 
  • Stipends for teachers upon completion of program requirements
  • Contact hours and optional graduate credit available
  • Must teach 3rd – 12th grade.
  • Must be an Ohio school in the service territory of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives, or Vectren.
    • Go ahead and register – we’ll confirm your sponsor for you!
  1. Register today. Registration now closed for the 2021-22 school year. 
  2. New to the program? Attend your scheduled training (see registration) for a comprehensive look at program requirements and resources. Alumni? After registration, watch the training video at your convenience and fill out the accompanying questionnaire. NOTE: Be sure to view the correct training video (elementary or secondary) ahead of filling out your questionnaire.
  3. Receive, by mail, the curriculum and materials you need to jumpstart your energy unit. 
  4. Receive, by mail, student efficiency kits and guidebooks for each of your students.
  5. Teach your energy unit and watch student learning come to life as they apply textbook energy concepts to the real world.
    • Be sure to utilize our Canvas platform to organize your digital content and access resources! 
  6. Complete the teacher evaluation and have students complete their surveys after the program to receive your stipend!

Thank you to our generous sponsors for their support of this program and their continued support of energy education throughout Ohio! 

    • CenterPoint Energy
    • Columbia Gas of Ohio
    • Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

For more information, please contact Kelsey at kbeach@ohioenergy.org or 614-785-1717.

If you are a teacher sponsored by Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives, please contact Abbey at athomas@ohioenergy.org for more information and to register.