Careers in Energy

Paving pathways in our own backyard.

Energy is a rapidly expanding field. From researchers working to find the next breakthrough to technicians upkeeping an infrastructure that impacts our day-to-day, energy is critical, varied, and full of opportunity. 


Careers in Energy highlights the industries and professionals powering our world and connects students with the burgeoning opportunities right here in the Buckeye State. Read on to learn more about OEP’s Careers offerings. 

Virtual Field Trips

Go behind-the-scenes from the comfort of your classroom. OEP’s Virtual Field Trips take teachers and students to energy sites, degree programs, and much more via Zoom, connecting learners with real-world energy professionals. Browse the offerings below and sign up for one (or all) of your favorite events. Once you have registered for an event, we will follow up with a link to the livestream via email. Best news? It’s completely free thanks to our generous partners. Note: All Virtual Field Trips are recorded and will be available for a limited time after the events.

Register today for our upcoming Virtual Field Trip with Eitri Foundry!

Date: Monday, Oct.  16, 2023
Time: 1-1:45 p.m. Eastern

How does a solar farm work? What career opportunities are available in solar energy? Join us Oct. 16 for a  LIVE Virtual Field Trip to a Eitri Foundry Solar farm in Wapakoneta , Ohio!

This 45-minute virtual field trip will explore working solar panels  and share how energy is harnessed and transformed to electricity.

Post Event Surveys

Thank you for participating in our virtual careers program. After your event, we ask that you and your participating students please submit the following post event evaluation surveys.

Classroom Resources

Check out OEP’s additional resources, including careers quizzes, industry maps, and employment opportunities in energy.




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