Careers in Energy

Could you see yourself in STEM? Today, more than six million people work in energy across the U.S., and the field is growing rapidly. From innovators and engineers exploring new ways to harness power to line workers and technicians managing the industry’s operations, opportunities abound in energy. 


OEP is proud to highlight the critical industries and professionals powering our present and planning for our future. Featuring opportunities across the Buckeye State, check out our offerings below to step into energy!

Virtual Field Trips

Go behind-the-scenes from the comfort of your classroom. OEP’s Virtual Field Trips take teachers and students to energy sites, degree programs, and much more via Zoom, connecting learners with real-world professionals. Browse the offerings below and sign up for one (or all) of your favorite events. Best news? It’s completely free thanks to our generous partners. Sign up by clicking on the date below, and we’ll send you a link. Note: All Virtual Field Trips are recorded and will be available after the events.



Careers Classroom Resources

Check out OEP’s additional resources, including careers quizzes, industry maps, and employment opportunities in energy.