Wind Energy

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Teacher Lesson Wind Energy

Explore the various resources below to accompany the lesson!

  • VideoHow to Build a Wind Turbine read aloud–Used by permission from One Energy in Findlay, Ohio.
  • Wind At-a-Glance from NEED
  • Wonders of Wind e-publication from NEED
  • Wind Basics from Energy Kids (USEIA)
  • Video: Wind Energy (3:16 minutes) Produced by US Department of Energy-An introduction to how the wind generates electricity using turbines
  • Video: Virtual Field Trip of Wind Turbine Farm at One Energy in Findlay, Ohio. (34:32 minutes; interior of turbine tour starts at 23:03 and 360-view from the top starts at 32:45)
  • At Home Activity Video: Make a Pinwheel (materials needed: pinwheel template, pencil, thumbtack, scissors)
  • At Home Activity Video: Make a Sled Kite (materials needed: trash bag, chopsticks or skewers, scissors, tape, hole punch, kite string)